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Author: Silawen
Title: Total Opposites.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ukitake Juushirou/Zaraki Kenpachi
Warnings: Some swearing.
Summary: Inspired by a Bleach prompt generator. Zaraki Kenpachi finds someone occupying the spot he had deemed his.


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Author: Silawen
Title: Savage Beauty.
Rating: PG
Pairing: One-sided Zaraki Kenpachi/Ayasegawa Yumichika
Warnings: None.
Summary: Inspired by a Bleach prompt generator. Yumichika ponders his captain's beauty.


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A Midnight Snack

My Tonks/Snape ficlet for a friend of mine, enjoy and review, thanks!

The house was silent, except for the soft scraping sounds of knife and fork against stone plait. The sounds made for an eerie feeling as she carefully made her way through the hall. Tonks was well aware that it was dangerous to her health to be walking around at night, especially in this house where things just didn’t seem to stick to one place, only worsened by her severe case of clumsiness. Well aware she might injure herself she ventured on nonetheless – pushed on as she was by hunger – and moved towards the kitchen. The sound of her footsteps rung clear through the hall and immediately the sounds of someone eating ceased, leaving nothing but a scary silence.

She wondered who it might be that was enjoying a meal at this hour. Perhaps it was Remus, he often craved additional snacks a few days before a full moon, but he had gone to bed an hour earlier and it was very unlike him to leave his bed so soon after. Albus and Minerva had gone back to Hogwarts two days ago and were not expected back any time soon, with the first semester close to starting. The Weasleys, though always very interested in dropping a child or two, had no intention of letting their offspring unsupervised anytime soon and that left her with very few possibilities left.

Then who? With the Order no longer requiring a place to have their secret meetings, the place had been abandoned by most, safe Remus and herself who stayed overnight while taking care of the house. This of course caused some idle talk amongst her friends and colleagues, but they paid no heed. Unlike what the others thought they were not romantically involved. They were friends, as they had been, and she was here only because with Sirius’ death Remus had been utterly lonely and he really needed someone to take care of him after a transformation. She had been the best option as she had no own house – she had rented one for a few months – and no children to take care of.

It was a safe and homey place, especially after the haul-over she and Remus had arranged, and she really liked spending time with Remus. He was a good friend and very nice to talk to, so she was never bored when in the house. Besides after the death of Sirius the house had become awfully empty and the presence of the two made somewhat up for it. For some reason the house seemed to mourn the loss of its master, though of course that was a silly thought.

However, during her stay here, she had gotten used to Remus’ habits and none of them included going to the kitchen to eat only an hour after getting into bed. No, that was more her style.

Contuining towards the kitchen she tried thinking of other possibilities, but thought of none. Then her feet connected with a small cabinet, a loud thud the result. Barely keeping from cursing and jumping around; she lifted her foot, rubbing the hurt spot for a short while before setting her foot down again. She almost jumped again when a soft voice cut through the air, a dangerous edge to it that sounded awfully familiar.

“Who is there, be aware I’m armed!”

‘Merlin, it’s Snape! And, as always, positively convinced everyone is out there to kill him.’

That was the last person she had expected to be here; Severus Snape himself.

“Hold yer horses Sbape, it’s just me, Tonks!”

A pause, then there was a reply.


“Yes, but don’t call me that, you know I hate it!”

So it is you! Show yourself!”

Shaking her head she finished her way to the kitchen. Snape had this uncanny habit of not trusting anyone. Logic would of course tell her that he had perfect reason to, but then they were in Sirius’ house, who would be able to find it except those in the Order? Opening the door – it made a horrible squeaking sound – she saw the dark shadow standing there by the dinner table. He looked her in the eye and nodded, but she could just see him put his wand back in his pocket.

‘Superstitious nut.’

She could see he had helped himself to some of the chicken they had left for the next evening, along with a fine wine dated 1600. Of course he had to take the one thing she had wanted to finish herself.

“Bit edgy, are we?” she asked while heading for the fridge.

Lightning some candles on the way she opened the fridge and grabbed some of the tasty looking snacks they had meant to eat with the chicken, no use to save them now.

“It has kept me alive thusfar.”

She heard him mutter in reply. Rolling her eyes – they were a sparkling blue at the moment and in sharp contrast to her fiery red hairdo – she thought him to be too much of a pessimist. Turning to him she was not prepared what the light of the candles would reveal to her. The plate clattered to the floor and a gasp left her throat as she took in the person sitting calmly at the table. His lack robe was cut in several places and she could just make out a red substance, blood no doubt, smeared all over it.

His hair, though normally not a pleasant sight either, was drenched and covered in leaves, as if he had been lying on a forest floor for too long a time.

“You’re hurt!”

Her exclamation didn’t seemed to cause much of a reaction, except for a snide remark.

“Very perceptive, I’m sure that was the reason for your acceptance as an auror.”

As she took him in, seeing the bruises covering his face and the dried blood on his pale face, the contrast was hideous. For once she didn’t look at the hooked nose and shallow skin, nor the glittering and often sharp eyes, but the hurt that had been done to him instead.

“Nah, it was my sparkling personality. How can you sit there like that, you have cuts all over!”

“Experience, now will you please stop your squeaking?”

“Hell, no. You are not going to just sit there! Either you go to madam Pomfrey or I’ll see what I can do till come morning.”

“Had I felt the need to go to Hogwarts, Nymphadora, I would not be sitting here, nor will I have your clumsy person do anything to me. You are hazardous to more than just your own health.”

“You’ll bleed to death!”

“Dramatic, but unlikely. And lower your voice, woman, I do not want the wolf to wake up.”

“Don’t call him that!” she cried out indignantly, her voice high-pitched.

She could see him smile slightly and shrug, obviously he was not listening to anything she said. Or he was just baiting her, which was also a very likely possibility.

“Fine, act that way.”

Pouting a bit, no doubt to Snape’s amusement, she stepped forward, noticing his body tense up. His eyes, pitch-black, shot up to hers and she could see his mind form plans already. His stare was almost rude, even more so when it lowered to her lips. She licked them self-consciously, which result in a low chuckle from the person before her. Again she pouted, out of annoyance this time, as she saw how he was trying to unnerve her. Well two could play this game. With two sudden steps she was next to him and grabbed the outer robe he was wearing, the one cold from water and blood.

Immediately he tensed up more and shoved the chair back, surprise on his face as his hand stopped close from his wand-pocket.

“What are you doing, woman, hands off!”

Quite amused at his loss of composure, she smirked.

“How am I to clean those cuts when you have your robes still on? Don’t worry, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“No doubt.” Was his only reply.

“As I see it, you have three options. One; you go to Hogwarts and visit madam Pomfrey. Two; you let me clean your wounds, or three; I call Remus and we decide together.”

“How about you just go to bed and leave to alone to deal with it?”

“Let me think…no, doesn’t fit any of the categories I’m afraid.”

She turned to the hall and popped her head out of the doorway.

“Let’s see, he has great hearing so perhaps he’ll hear me. Remus!”

It didn’t take Snape long to get behind her and roughly place his hand over her mouth. First instinct was to bite, but after a few seconds she was reminded who this person was and that biting him was not an option. She could just feel his breath on her neck as he listened intently, apparently afraid Remus would come running down the stairs to her aid, or something of the kind. She was only slightly aware of his hair tickling her ear and tried swatting at it, but his other hand shot out to grasp hers, pushing them down.

“Hush, woman, I don’t want the wolf to wake up. He’d mother me to death if he found out.”

Images of Remus brushing and braiding Snape’s hair, before picking out a nice purple dress came to mind and an unladylike snort left her, smothered by Snape’s hand to a soft murmur. He looked down at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Now, no yelling, miss Tonks, understood?”

She nodded quickly, though she was also slightly insulted at the rather teacher-to-pupil comment. Eying him as he took his hand away she stepped back she mourned the loss for one split second, but pushed it away. She really needed to find a boyfriend, these thoughts weren’t good. Pouting once again she rested her hands on her hips, he was being most disagreeable.

“Well? Decided yet, a, b or c?”

“None, as I said I’m quite able to aid myself.”

“And just how were you imagining reaching your back?”

There was silence and Tonks sighed slightly, this was starting to get annoying, he was being annoying. She had met children that were more agreeable than he was, which was saying something. It was a hands-off attitude that was starting to get ridiculous. She would not hurt him, much, if he would let her. Granted she might do something stupid, but it wouldn’t be on purpose.

“Come on, Snape, I’m not going to hurt you, it’ll be in your own interest and Remus won’t have to know. You can be on your merry batty way in no time.”

He seemed to ponder this, then eyed her again.

“How about I just leave?”

“If you had somewhere else to go you wouldn’t have come her, chances are Poppy would be waiting in your room at Hogwarts.”

“Point taken.”

He was massaging his temples with his fingers now and she could see how tired he looked. His face seemed even more shallow and fallen, his skin white as a sheet and he was sweating slightly. The comment she had been about to throw at him died on her lips. (‘Why Severus that almost sounded like a compliment!’)
When sparring insults with him like this one often forgot that he was, in fact, human, and she had forgotten that he was severely wounded. As she looked at him she realised how much of a defence system the harsh ways were. Both for himself and those around him.

“Tough night, eh?” she asked in a whisper and he looked up at her, scowling as he saw the sympathetic look on her face.

“How did you guess, most inept! Don’t bother feeling sorry for me, miss Tonks, in fact..spare me.”

Ignoring him again she walked up to the fridge and grabbed herself something to drink, a fizzywizzyfrosty would do.

“But of course, heaven forbid someone caring for you; the big bad bat of Hogwarts. Seriously, I don’t believe you at times.”

Stepping back to him she placed her drink on the table and with a quick movement of her wand summoned a bowl of water, a cloth and some healing herbs.

“Now, disrobe and sit down or I will call Remus. Trust me when I say that hundreds of screaming Hogwarts girls don’t compare to the volume I can produce.”

Scowling again he sat down, but made no attempt to disrobe. His hands were resting on the table as he looked at the glass of wine before him. Making a decision Tonks stepped forward, grabbed the glass and emptied it in the sink in one fluent motion, of which she was quite proud.

He didn’t move.

Instead of staring at the place where the glass had been he was now looking at her, his eyes devoid of feeling and emotion.

“Leave me alone.” He hissed.

Tonks shuddered, at the moment he was almost scaring her. She had forgotten that he was in fact the one teacher everyone at Hogwarts feared for his harsh and scary ways. It would be so much easier if she just apparated to her room and forgot about the man in her kitchen, even if he was hurt. But then who would clean his wounds, take care of him. No doubt he’d been through this before, alone. Could she, as a member of the Order, just leave? Could she, fancying herself a good person, just do that?

It would be so much easier, but also so much more wrong. She would just have to bite through the comments and do what she had planned to do.


She raised her gaze to his, those cold empty eyes…dark, pitch-black as if they had forgotten how to show feelings. Those cold eyes that were now regarding her, trying their best to scare her, to make her go away. But she wouldn’t, not now she could do some good.


He chuckled and the eyes showed some mirth, as if she had made a joke.

“Are you planning to act the hero? Help the poor victim of the enemy’s wicked actions? How very Gryffindor of you.”

The cold eyes were back, staring at her as she tried meeting them.

“No.” She said again, this time more resolute.
“No, planning to help a friend.”

This time she was sure she could see a slight flash of surprise in those bottomless pits, before they were their normal cold orbs again.
With a few steps he was to his feet and in front of her, the swift motions causing her to stumble back and bump into the wall behind her. She swallowed as he placed his hands against the wall, leaning forward and lowering his gaze to look her in the eye. Terror went through her as her hands crept down for her wand.

“Do I scare you?” he whispered, breathing against her ear.

Nodding slightly she closed her eyes to block out the cold look in his eyes, her hands trembling, frightened as she was.

“Good, now leave me alone.”

His voice was hoarse and this made her open her eyes again. He seemed tense as he moved to avoid physical contact. She should have been insulted, but she wasn’t when she saw that his eyes were clearly avoiding looking at a certain part of her body that was moving up and down with every sharp intake of breath. She was immediately reminded that he was, underneath it all, only a man, and that he would be as much affected by their close proximity as she was, though for different reasons.


Again that no, she was starting to make a habit of it. Self consciously licking her lips again she saw his stance change as he seemed transfixed on the tongue darting out. He was still leaning into her slightly and for the first time Tonks considered other uses for that venomous, though she instantly chided herself for such thoughts. When she looked him in the eye she saw lust, lust mingled with surprise. Surprise about who are what, she wasn’t sure, but at the moment she was more interested in the lust.

However, it seemed that her pause had allowed him to snap back into reality, for she saw his eye narrow and his body about to pull back. Without thinking her arms shot up and her hands clasped the back of his head, pulling his head to hers. A murmur of surprise escaped the wizard before her lips descended on his and he felt forward willingly, crushing her against the wall.

For a short while Tonks didn’t know what was happening, except for pressure against her body and the lips covering hers. His tongue requested access and she gave it willingly, feeling one of his hands tangle in her – momentarily – red locks. Her own hands had left his head and were now desperately trying to unbutton his robe, but this proved to be a mistake. The movements made Snape glance and down and with a growl of frustration he stepped back, entangling himself quickly.

“No.” He whispered hoarsely. “I am making a huge mistake, no.”

“But..Severus!” Tonks whined, she had gotten rather aroused and was not pleased with these current events all of a sudden.

He looked at her and for a moment she thought she saw a sliver of regret.

“Though I prefer your method of disrobing a patient, miss Tonks, I think, for both our sakes, that I’ll choose option A.”

With a final whoosh he had apparated, leaving Tonks all alone in the kitchen. She let herself slide down the wall, gazing at the abandoned table and looking awfully dishevelled. Closing her eyes before placing her head in her hands there was only one thing left for her to say;


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Oooh, some people!

I apologise if the person I'm talking about reads this, but 't was a foolish act and you shall suffer the consequences. Wow, pretty line.

So I was perusing the two Ian Thorpe communities I'm a member of, highly interesting, when I saw a pretty picture of a house. His new house, according to the girl and some newspaper I can't remember. Now...I was already a bit...apphrehensive, I mean showing his house so would mean everyone that lived near that place and recognised it could start stalking him, not a pleasant thought. However, it got worse, when I read on I saw that the girl, foolish as she was, had also written down the address! I mean, did she want people to go there and scare the bejezus out of him by planting their behinds in his backyard?? Or worse, try and enter the house or constantly waiting outside, ringing the bell, etc etc etc.

Who in their right mind would put an address on here without the person's consent, especially a famous person, especially a person they admire and are fan of?? Luckily I didn't need to make her take it down, others before me had done already. Ian, honey, you do have caring fans, isn't that great? *grin* Some of them were pretty annoyed, haha. She was so proud too, that we could go stalk him now. Le gads, how can someone be so inconsidered???

Just needed to vent, thanks.

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I have this annoying girl contact me, because apparently a friend of hers had my username. I don't know how he got it, nor do I know him, and I don't know why she decided to contact me, but she did. Bugger. She kept asking me which school I went to, to which I replied that she wouldn't know it. So she asked again. -_- Some people are stupid.

Planet of the Apes

I saw Planet of the Apes yesterday. Not sure why I decided to watch it, guess I was bored. Normally I hardly watch movies that don't interest me or don't have any of my favourite actors, this didn't have either of the two. Mark Wahlberg...I don't like him, nor did I like the blonde chick...whats her name?
Well the movie was...interesting, I loved the apes, very interesting. It also made me ponder some things, the way we treat eachother, the way we treat animals...which is probably the intention of the movie. It was a nice movie, not brilliant but nice nonetheless.


What to say...he's president of America again. Heaven help us. All my American friends are being tortured, you should see some of their posts. I can understand it completely, Bush is a bastard. I hope we can manage another 4 years and I hope my American friends can, I feel for them, I really do. Curse everyone who voted for that overgrown ape!

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Theo van Gogh

Here I was thinking the 2nd of November would change my life and the world, due to the elections. But, the moment I turned the tv on, that belief was drastically changed. My intention was to watch some musicvideos before going to volleyball, to my surprise there was a changed schedule due to the murder of Theo Van Gogh.

He was murdered yesterday in Amsterdam, in cold blood, while cycling through a street. He even yelled 'Niet doen, Niet doen.' (Don't do it, Don't do it.) While a man shot him repeatedly and cut his throat....
Van Gogh, no not the painter, was a man who loved to provoke, always shared his opinion and had many an argument. He was a fervent supporter of the right of free opinion and freedom of speech, as most of Holland was. He shared his views on the Muslim world, not exactly smart when you have a high rate of muslims in the country, but he did it. He even made a movie on the torture of a muslim woman in her country (with a female VVD-member.), wrote a book about Allah (not exactly nice.) and made a popular tv-serie about a Muslim girl and her best friend; a Dutch girl.

I just can't believe it happened in our tolerant country, I just can't. No sane person would just shoot someone, would they? *shudders* That's the second delibered murder on a VIP in two years, that's way too much!

I'll worry about Bush being re-elected tomorrow, if you don't mind. Damnit.

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Aaah the boring days of an 18 year old.

Seriously, life has been dull. I watch tennis, of course, Basel tournament most of all. Tomorrow is the final; Nalbandian (*heart*) vs Novac. I'm so glad my boy (though second to Roddick, who's injured. :()is doing well, perhaps he'll reach the Masters. That would be great, both my men in the Masters....:D

Besides that, however, there isn't much to do. I had a volleyball game, we lost, again, had a fight with Nadine...bla bla. It's all bad, boring and so...ugh. The fact that I'm posting this when nothing happened today says enough.

Oooh, Ian Thorpe wears a pinky ring! :D Orlando wears a pinky ring, Johnny wears a pinky ring. Men with good taste in clothes and other things wear pinky rings. *cheers*

Ok, done now.

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I'm pretty bummed. I just read Nate's birthday thread and suddenly realised how few internet friends actually remembered my birthday. Besides Ka-Bloom and TORN no one remembered it. *sighs*
I'm not blaming TNO, after all I've rarely been there, but it was clearly stated on the forum that it was khnutcase's birthday, most of my good friends know I'm khnutcase.

I wasn't waiting for presents, I don't deserve any as I haven't done much this year, but a happy birthday would have been so nice. It would have made my day so much better. I know Caz's is on the 28th of November, am pretty sure of that, and I'm already saving some money to buy her a great present, is going to be fun. :) I'll probably send Nate a present too, though I hardly know him.

Yeah well, just wanted to share that.

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MITM forum and Orlando fanfiction

So...Sila finally forced herself to join the MITM forum (Man In The Mirror.)and join some of my friends there. (Thiala, Megan, Poppy and Jo, for instance.) It's good to know that I know at least some of them, keeps me from feeling out of place. I tend to have that, feel out of place, especially because I'm Dutch. But heck, it's all remedied by 'adjustment'. Fancy word that, adjustment, I just hope it's spelled that way.

It seems fairly sane. I always loved MITM, it's the best Orlando fanfiction collection on the net, it's amazing. I always loved going there, along with BL. I even have fanfiction stationed there, but let's not discuss that *cough*.

The funny thing about Orlando fanfiction is that there's so much. For instance...take Brad Pitt, yes there is fanfiction on him, but I have never come across a site solely for his fanfiction. Orlando? He has three major (sp?) ones and a dozen of smaller ones. I think the reason for that is that writers know Orlando is a selfconfessed technofood and thus feel no shame about putting it out there, he won't read it anyway. Second big reason? He's such a brilliant person, he just asks to be written about. It's just great to see so many gifted writers express their feelings towards him by dedicating a story to him.

Which remind me of this song that's constantly playing, Chrissy will know which one I'm talking about. You know that song by Natasha Beddingfield? Well Holland is constantly playing it. I like the song, it's chirpy, but it tends to get a bit repetitive after you've heard it a dozen times, but well..
It has these lines:

These words are my own.
Threw some cords together, the combination DEF, it's who I am, it's what I do. I was gonna lay it down to you.
I try to focus my attention, but I feel so ADE, I need some help, some inspiration, but it's not coming easily.
Try to find the magic, try to write a classic, don't you know, don't you know, don't you know.
Wastbin full of paper,
clever rhymes, see you later!


Nothing I write is ever good enough!

These words are my own, from my heart flow, I love you, I love you, I love you.
There is no other way, to better say, I love you.

Try to find the magic, try to write a classic, wastebin full of paper, clever rhymes, see you later.

These words are my own, from my heart flow, I love you, I love you, I love you.
There is no other way, to better say, I love you.
These words are my own, from my heart flow, I love...etc.
There is no way, to better say, I love you.
These words are my own, they're from my heart, I love you, I love you.
That's all I got to say, can't find another way, I love you is that ok?(repeat.)

Ok so they fit a songwriter better, but heck some of it is pretty accurate. No?

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So it's Ka-bloom again, haha. Perhaps not the best thing to talk about, as I gave some Bloomies my LJ username, but...heck.

I love Ka-bloom, don't get me wrong, but it has something what I call favouritism.(sp?) I'm sure every forum has it, but it's a thing worth to whine about, I thought. ;) There are many a thread I love to post on, such as the Ian Thorpe Thread, Suit!Sluts and other random topics. It's fun reading what everyone's written and such, but one downer is that...yes, whinewhine, I do my best to come over as witty and helpful and kind, but never receive any replies.

Yes, I am eighteen and still very much a child, but I dislike the fact that long-time friends reply to eachother and completely forget that there is someone else posting too, even posting in reference to something they said earlier. Everytime I see a new reply, I head on down to be faced with a reply towards earlier mentioned 'best friend', completely ignoring any and all of my posts. I do understand it takes time, but as I try to write in good English and eloquently put phrases it would be so nice if someone would reply, instead of having to add things inbetween a conversation by friends.

If you're from Ka-bloom; I doubt I was talking about you, haha, let me just whine a bit, I'll calm down soon enough.

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